Sponsorship Application Accepted!

AF-small-victories-2.1-300x336On June 15, 2015 we received notification from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that our sponsorship agreement had been accepted for Abu Ziad* and his family.  The application for permanent residence and accompanying documents have been submitted to the visa office in Beirut for processing.

What happens now is we wait.  We wait for quite a bit until the visa officer in Beirut has reviewed the applications and schedules an interview for them.

The interview can be scheduled any time, 3-9 months from the date of Citizenship and Immigration confirmation.  After the interview, the family will need to do an immigration medical exam that they must pay for out of pocket.  The medical exams will need to be approved by Citizenship and immigration, and then once approved, the visa office will send the visas to the family.   They will be referred to the International Organization of Migration who will help them to arrange flights and also give them settlement orientation sessions.  From this point the whole process can take about a year until they arrive to Canada

*a pseudonym to protect his identity

One thought on “Sponsorship Application Accepted!

  1. Jaime Cybulski September 10, 2015 / 12:04 am

    How exciting!
    I hope they are able to get here as quickly as possible. Keep up the great work!


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