Sponsoring a Second Syrian Refugee Family

2015-11-07 16.11.25The Kingston community has been extremely generous in support of our refugee partnership. We are very excited to report that the money has been raised to support the first family we chose to sponsor.  As money and offers of support continue to flow we see that as a call to continue responding to the world’s refugee crisis and we have started the paperwork to sponsor a second family.

The second family consist of Mohammad who is a musician and composer, his wife Riham and their 5 children ages 2 thru 11.  Having had to flee their home in Syria to Amman, Jordan and prevented from working to support themselves, they are currently living poorly in a single room. Please pray that the application process goes smoothly and that they can be liberated to Canada as quickly as possible.

*Pictured above are Jennifer Arden from Canadian Lutheran World Relief (The Sponsorship Agreement Holder) and Rev. Steve Hoffard of St. Marks Lutheran Church as they sign the application forms for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to sponsor Mohammad, Riham and their family.

One thought on “Sponsoring a Second Syrian Refugee Family

  1. Kathy November 7, 2015 / 7:45 pm

    Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing…


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