An Update Filled with Good News

goodnewsThe good news has been flowing fast and furious this last week, so quickly in fact we have failed to keep all of you, our wonderful and generous Kingston and area community of supporters updated. Our apologies!  Here is what has happened:

The single brother of our first family arrived on Tuesday evening and has been slowly adapting to the time change while exploring his immediate surroundings with a family contact team of volunteers charged with getting him settled.

Just this morning we received notice from citizenship and immigration that the grandparents will be arriving early next week.

Abu Ziad* has also informed us that he his wife and 3 children have been told they can expect flight information very soon.

And that’s not all.  Yesterday our second family of Mohammed, Riham and their 5 children were contacted to come for their medical testing.  We expect things to unfold fairly quickly now.

Expect more updates soon!

Thank you so much for your donations and prayers.

* He is using a pseudonym to protect his identity.

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