A 5th “Nigerian” Sponsorship

The Inter-Church Refugee Partnership in an association with Reelout Arts Project Inc. and HARS – HIV/AIDS Regional Services will be facilitating the sponsorship of a single gay man from Nigeria.

To specifically donate to this sponsorship please go to “Kingston Rainbow Refugee Project”


The man we are attempting to sponsor escaped from Nigeria to Germany and has applied for refugee status there.  Having entered Germany via Spain his chances are very slim because of the Dublin Convention.  He feels his life is in danger even in Germany where apathy toward asylum seekers is widespread.  He has been confronted and hassled on several occasions, and is living in constant fear of deportation.

Deportation back to Nigeria is a death sentence for him.  He has been the victim of attacks and threats as far back as university where he was the coordinator of a LGBTQ rights group and was beaten, molested and tortured with fire.  It is illegal to be gay in Nigeria (Anti-gay bill signed into law in January 2014).  There is no protection against discrimination and it also allows for the death penalty in the north and up to 14 years of prison in the south.

ICRP was formed to support, advocate, and resettle refugees from anywhere in the world and began with plans to sponsor a Syrian family months before the tragic photo of Aylan Kurdi shown lying dead on the Turkish coast focused the world’s attention on Syrian refugees.  To be true to our original mandate we feel it is important to reach out to refugees in other areas of the world as well.

Reelout Arts Project and HARS Kingston have enthusiastically agreed to be the primary fundraisers for this sponsorship and more importantly they have the resources and support systems in the LGBTQ community to assist and care for this man when he arrives.

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