“An Annual Update”


It has been a year since we first signed the paperwork to sponsor our first family so we thought an update was in order.  What follows is what will be printed on the back of our program at this coming Saturday’s “Sing for Kingston’s New Syrians Concert”:

The Inter-Church Refugee Partnership

We are a coalition of Kingston churches formed to support, resettle, and advocate for refugees.  We formed in January 2015 and began by applying for an extended Syrian family. This happened exactly one year and a week ago today. This is a family of 5 adults and 3 children. So far 3 of the adults have arrived.

Thanks to generous commitments of support we were quickly able to apply for a second Syrian family consisting of a couple and their 5 children.  We are pleased to report that they have completed their initial interviews and were called in for medical testing just this past Tuesday.

Then in a partnership with the Refugee Committee of the Islamic Society of Kingston we applied to sponsor a third family at the end of February.  This family is another Syrian couple and their four children.

At the end of 2015 the UN Refugee Agency reported that there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide in addition to 38.2 million internally displaced persons. With the world’s focus on Syria many of these people have been overlooked.  Therefore in a partnership with Reelout Arts Project Inc. and HARS—HIV AIDS Regional Services we have decided to facilitate a 4th sponsorship of a single man from Nigeria.

Thanks to your generosity and that of our many partners, associates and friends a 5th sponsorship is already in the works.


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