“A Joy Filled Update”


We have just received notification from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that Abu Ziad’s* assessments have been completed, visas have been issued and travel arrangements are in the works.

He, his wife and 3 children will be joining his mother, father and brother in Kingston mid September! Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers.

*Head of ICRP’s family#1 and a pseudonym to provide for his safety

And now an update to the update: 

The entire family is now in Kingston, following intervention by personnel at Immigration Canada and the office of our MP, Mark Garretsen.  Tarek Hamdan, his wife Nesrin and their three children, Joulya , Zeyad and Yara arrived on 20 September and are now adjusting well to their first Canadian winter

The children are enjoying their Canadian schooling and the parents are working on improving their English skills (though Tarek speaks very good English and Nesrin improves noticeably with each passing day). 

Needless to say, Wadi, Harbeih, and Louai (who have been in Kingston since February, 2016) are delighted to have their family with them once again.

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