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I wanna drink all your p

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Photo by Stocksy. For years, I loved to drink. I was the person topping off your glass. Today, I haven't had a drink in almost two years—not a little. Not on occasion. Not drunk all.

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Most surprising? No, I'm not a recovering alcoholic. I never consciously decided to drink every night.

I wanna drink all your p

It just happened. And anything that drini without my full awareness is concerning. It means—if I'm being honest with myself—that I have less control than I thought I did.

So daily drinking snuck up on me. It really started with my career in marketing. It was made clear to me that the networking opportunities at the bar were very important. So I began to drink at work functions and business trips. Booze is the only drug on earth that wannaa have to justify not taking. I started with just a glass of wine.

But then tolerance grew, and soon it was a few glasses. Eventually, I was drinking both I wanna drink all your p the road with colleagues and at home, alone, as I waited for my husband to get off work. Dribk, I was drinking almost a bottle of wine a night. The drimk of taking a night off actually became scary, because I had come to rely on it. I didn't like that feeling, and when I decided it was time to cut back it was harder than I thought it would be.

You think you can simply reverse the trend of drinking more over the years.

Alcohol demands alcohol. In many ways, becoming a non-drinker is one of the healthiest choices you can make—besides of course, not smoking.

When Glendambo sex xhat was a drinker, I told myself that red wine had health benefits.

But when I actually looked at the research, I yourr shocked. Not only is that untrue but alcohol was declared a known carcinogen in Of course, there's also common sense: My drinking self would have thought this idea to be completely unbelievable.

But the truth is I have significantly more fun without booze. But through some I wanna drink all your p, I realized the feelings I thought I enjoyed from alcohol were actually just a placebo effect. The big ah-ha moment for me was when I started to realize that my mood improved when I ordered a glass of wine. Or when I pulled it out of the fridge.

In other words, I noticed the "effects" of wine before Ylur ever took a sip. A lot of really cool things happen when you stop drinking. I started making conscious decisions in all parts of my life.

If you numb the bad, you also numb the good. Not only did my stress decrease, but I also began to experience natural pleasures in a heightened way. I became fully, rather than partially, present in my life and learned a lot about myself. I'm happier and have a more fulfilled life than when I was drinking.

5 Reasons I No Longer Drink Alcohol

These days, I don't worry about how much I am drinking, ever. That makes every night out I wanna drink all your p every morning after significantly more fun. Not to mention, I also have more money—drinking is expensive! I have effortlessly lost weight empty calories and now enjoy all my mornings. I have more energy, am more focused and get significantly more done without alcohol.

I see now that when I was drinking I unknowingly made myself slightly ill every single day.

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Alcohol has the very specific effect of slowing down your brain function. Your brain synapses are depressed and your senses are unable to transmit information to your brain as quickly. The truth is alcohol makes me dumb. My jokes get worse, my stories become scattered, and yoour nights become monotonous and unmemorable.

88 Best Drinking memes images in | Hilarious, Entertaining, Funny images

Being a non-drinker is 99 percent awesome, except for one thing that pains me: Sometimes I find it funny. It shows how saturated our society has become: See how much better you might feel.

Food has I wanna drink all your p power to create a happier and healthier world. Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque will show wanns how. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox! Main Navigation.

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Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. Here are a few wznna why I no longer drink: Alcohol never satisfies. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Article continues below.

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I wanted to focus on my health. My life is more fun without booze. I feel l much better. Related Class. With Charlie Knoles. Alcohol made me dumb.

I wanna drink all your p I Am Want Nsa

Related reads: Annie Grace. Annie Grace grew up in a one-room log cabin without running water and electricity outside Aspen, Colorado. After she discovered her passion for marketing, she worked in corporate Emma Loewe. Food Trends icon food trends. Liz Moody. Bonnie Culbertson.

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