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Onlt examine various adaptive explana- tions of the existence of female orgasm among human beings, chal- lenging both their underlying and explicit assumptions in detail.

I find the following problems Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only nearly all of the adaptive stories discussed in the next two Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only These and other problems with the explanations in this chapter are summa- rized in Table 2, in the next chapter.

As promised in Chapter 1, I need to review the standards oragsm evi- dence that I am applying in my analyses. I reviewed Housewives seeking sex tonight Ocoee Tennessee general re- quirements for demonstrating that a trait is an adaptation there.

Here I wish to emphasize the importance of assuming that those re- quirements are met. To take the most obvious example, most evolu- tionary explanations of particular traits can safely assume the pres- ent existence of the trait in question; evolutionists are rarely in the business of making predictions about the existence of traits.

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So, evolutionary explanations of the small wing size of ostriches as- sume that ostriches do have small wing size for their weight. But many other assumptions can come into play as well. Evolutionary explanations of a trait always involve an assumption about what trait was possessed by the ancestors of the species in question.

It is assumed here that ostrich ancestors had comparatively larger wings, more like those of other birds. One can, of course, give em- pirical evidence in the form of fossils and the comparison of shapes of organisms and the shapes and functions of their traits compara- tive ortasm and physiology to support these assumptions. There are yet other assumptions in evolutionary accounts that need to be supported with evidence. Perhaps the most obvious— but one that proves to be a serious problem for many evolutionary explanations of female orgasm—is that Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only trait being explained needs to be accurately described.

If it is not—for example, if female orgasm is represented in a manner that contradicts the findings of contemporary studies of female sexuality—then the evolutionary explanation is undermined. Thus when any of the assumptions involved in an evolutionary explanation are contradicted by available evidence, oadies explanation is undermined. For example, if it turned out that ostrich ancestors did not have larger wings than contemporary ostriches, that would challenge any explanation premised on large-winged ostrich ances- tors.

Most evolutionary explanations of human female orgasm in- oorgasm assumptions about the ancestral mating system, about whether females tended to mate with one or more males, and under what conditions. These assumptions, too, are subject to contempo- rary empirical verification, although the verification can only be in- direct, since we cannot actually Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only which mating systems were used by our ancestors.

We cannot directly observe the past selec- tive pressures on a population over time—support for claims re- garding past selective pressures must come indirectly from Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only of the past geology, geography, and Wife want nsa Fannettsburg. Similarly, we cannot directly observe traits that are not pres- ent in aldies remains; this means that information regarding be- havioral traits such as female orgasm must be inferred by other means.

My theory is that it's just good sex if the both of us have an orgasm every time. I don't think women have enough sex, and what I mean by sex is when a woman. Most women spend their entire lives hoping for one meager orgasm And it's like going from December in Nome, with bitter cold and only. One of them is the bias of assuming that the female orgasm evolved to its present form .. Is fe- male orgasm just a byproduct of selection on the male orgasm? It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Ge- nome and Other Illusions.

There are three standard methods for inferring information about such ancestral traits Lancaster ; Larson and Losos One orgam to examine and compare the traits of living species more and less closely related to the species whose evolution we wish to explain. The reasoning here is that closely related species more than distantly related species may resemble the ancestors Casual encounters Fort Branch we hold in common with these species.

This has made the study Noem the great apes and the Old World monkeys particularly important for understanding human evolution. A similar approach involves seek- Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only out related species that now live in environments similar to our ancestral environments. The idea is that related species may re- spond in similar ways to similar environmental challenges. The other primary approach to making inferences about the traits of our ancestors Chatting dating forum to examine contemporary human cultures that live in environments like those in which the trait in question is believed to have evolved.

Thus there are general approaches, but no system- atic method for Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only claims made about ancestral traits and ancestral selection pressures. The methods used depend on the trait under consideration.

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In sum, an examination of any evolutionary account involves several key points. The first is to establish that there is such a trait and that it has a particular nature. Third, a link between ge- netic reproductive success and the trait must be established. Fourth, the mechanism linking the trait to fitness must be uncovered. Also, we need an historical account of how we arrived where we are, with regard to the trait. Finally, the assumptions in the account need to be tested against available or procurable evidence.

The explanations I examine are flawed with respect to such evidence in various ways. They may contradict known evi- dence, or they may involve assumptions that are unsupported but not known to be false. They may make assumptions that contradict those made in other evolutionary explanations, but there may at present be no good way to tell which assumption is likely to be ac- curate.

They also may involve assumptions that are incompatible with known evidence, but the models themselves may be fixable with some minor alterations. It may seem that, since the debates covered in this book involve whether or not female orgasm is an adaptation, that the topic is one within sociobiology, Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only adaptive study of social traits.

In particu- lar, the debate between Stephen Jay Gould and John Alcock Chap- ter 6 seems to concern when to consider a trait Free phone sex Austria be an adaptation, which is a stock area of disagreement under the rubric of socio- biology.

First Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only all, the first hypothesis concerning female orgasm as an adaptation ap- peared inwell before the heated debates spurred by Edward O. Wilson in Second, I consider Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only trait of female orgasm to be a Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Highlands trait or reflex, not a social trait.

Finally, the de- bates themselves make virtually no appeal to the sociobiological lit- erature. Thus I will consider the sociobiological debates no further in this book, and will focus on the adaptive and nonadaptive expla- nations of female orgasm.

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But laides of generalities. The first set of explanations I con- sider revolves around the notion of a pair bond—an enduring mo- nogamous partnership—between males and females.

In Chapter 4 I consider non—pair-bond explanations and female-centered explana- tions. I shall start by examining one of the earliest and most well known examples of a pair-bond explanation.

By far the most famous and well developed of the pair-bond accounts is that of Desmond Morrisand I shall begin by examining his theory, noting onky the way different views taken by other authors. I shall also note problems with the various theories and their assumptions.

Morris attempts to establish that pair bonding onyl itself be an important evolutionary adaptation for our pre- hominid and Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only ancestors.

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According to Morris, males would also be selected for their tendency to pair-bond. Other authors emphasize a variety of different reasons that the pair bond would have been an important adaptation for early hom- inid life. Pugh, along with Niles Newton, John Crook, and David Barash, also cites the increased period of infant dependency and the need to provide a secure social environment for rearing offspring as an im- portant pressure that might lead to the selection of the pair bond Crookp.

It may well be true that having a biparental family would be a benefit to the offspring. However, for reasons mentioned below, it seems implausible that female orgasm Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only provide the reason for Adult personals cedar grove west virginia parents to stay together. Nevertheless, there may be other motivations, unrelated to female orgasm, al- though no such explanation has been offered.

A third reason the pair bond might be selected is put forward by Frank Beach. On his view, the lack of certainty about fertility due to loss of estrus neces- sitated an increase in frequency of copulation. Therefore, he claims, the pair bond developed in order to make frequent and reg- ular heterosexual coitus more efficientp.

The next step in the ar- gument involves linking the pair bond to the evolution of female or- gasm. Taking himself to Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only established the evolutionary importance of the pair bond, Morris gives a surprising explanation of the evolu- tionary role of intercourse.

Intercourse is supposed to be a way to maintain the pair bond: Such rewards are supposed to include or- gasms for the females. Thus because pair bonds are adaptive for supporting the social structure of hunting, anything that would help maintain the pair bond is also adaptive, including female or- gasm.

Morris introduces his adaptive story about female orgasm with a summary of human sexual response. He seems to generalize from the male response to the female while ignoring the available infor- mation about female sexuality.

Recall that Kinsey and others have found that the time to orgasm in women during masturba- tion is the same as for men Kinsey et al. The tendencies to states of sleepiness and exhaustion are, in fact, predominantly true for men but not for women Kaplanp. Although Morris offers a quite technical description of female sexual response during intercourse, his account includes some odd features. In other words, the clitoris is supposed to be stimulated by friction against its own hood. But this model begins to look suspicious when we note that Masters and Johnson developed the model by observing the women in their study, all of whom were selected only if they could consistently and easily have orgasms during unassisted intercourse.

There is a problem that Morris does not address given his characterizations of Deming WA housewives personals sexual response, and it is very simple: I shall discuss this point again later on in this chapter. First, he misrepresents the sex liter- ature about timing to orgasm.

Second, he assumes in several places that female response is like male response to Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only same situation, in particular to the friction from intercourse, and he neglects the avail- able work on female masturbation. That is why human female orgasm needs a unique ex- planation in terms of the hominid Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only.

This seems far-fetched. If she were to take perhaps a little more ef- fort per encounter so she could have her own orgasm, it is not at all obvious that this would substantially lower her chances of getting pregnant.

Perhaps it would, but Morris needs evidence to make this claim. But the real problem here is that there is robust evidence—devel- oped since Morris wrote—that some nonhuman primate females do have orgasm.

The best evidence comes from experiments in which stumptail macaques were wired up so that their heart and respira- tion rates and the muscle contractions in their uteruses or vaginas Women want sex Bowmanstown be measured electronically see Chapter 5; Goldfoot et al.

There were several intriguing results in the electronic studies of female orgasm in stumptail macaques. Second, the Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only dence of female orgasm when one female was mounting another fe- male was much higher than when a female engaged in heterosexual intercourse Goldfoot et al. Moreover, in two stud- ies, the researchers found clear electronically measured evidence of orgasm only when females mounted other females, but not when the females were engaged in heterosexual intercourse Goldfoot et al.

Other evidence for the existence of female orgasm in chimpanzees and in rhesus macaques comes from experiments involving human manual stimulation Burton ; Allen and Lemmon I shall discuss the evidence for female orgasm in nonhuman pri- mates further in Chapter 5. For now, the important points are that, contrary Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only the claims of Morris, there is now good evidence of fe- male orgasm in some nonhuman primates, and also good evidence that the occurrence of orgasm seems to be dissociated from copula- tion.

Although only anecdotal evidence was available to Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only at the time he wrote his book, it may yet be relevant to our contempo- rary evaluation of his view.

Thus one key question for us is whether the assumption that female nonhuman primates lack orgasm plays an important role in his account. The answer is that it is central, be- cause Morris wishes to explain how loss of estrus and the advent of the pair bond—a suite of behaviors unique to the hominid lineage according to him—set up a selection pressure for female orgasm.

Morris assumes that our prehominid ancestors had clearly demarcated periods of sexual interest. All Seeking slim slender occasional smoker was changed, according to Morris, through the demands of the pair bond, which required frequent intercourse Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only its maintenance.

Second, Morris makes an assumption tying intercourse and female orgasm.

For ex- ample, Morris does not even consider the possibility that nonhu- man primate females might have orgasms when not in estrus, al- though it turned Housewives seeking sex tonight Lance Creek Wyoming later that most observed orgasms in stumptails occurred while the monkeys were not in behavioral or hormonal estrus and indeed were mounting other females.

Morris fails to con- sider this possibility both because Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only assumes that female mon- keys experience dor interest only when they can be made preg- nant and because he assumes that intercourse is necessary to female orgasm.

Much less could he have imagined otgasm Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only active bonobos, who seem to have sex in the wild about two-thirds of their cycle.

Thus female orgasm is supposed to serve as a way to stop being responsive. Note that, again, his argument depends on assuming that the conditions for sexual satis- faction for the male will also produce sexual satisfaction for the fe- male.

Morris is quite explicit about his assumption. Morris also offers an explanation for female orgasm completely distinct from issues about pair bonds. Also, Morris assumes that the woman is lying on Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only back. This last claim is wrong. The most efficient position for the stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse is with the woman on top of the man Ford and Beachp. Given that a relatively low percentage of women have orgasms during intercourse, and that of those who do, a high per- centage have them in the superior position, it seems more likely that the occurrence of Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only orgasm would have the reverse gravita- tional effect from the one that Morris describes Kinsey et orgxsm.

Thus they offer their own main hypothesis for the evolution of female orgasm: The average individual requires about five minutes of re- pose before returning to Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only normal state after orgasm, and some peo- ple even lose consciousness at the point of orgasm Kinsey et al.

Although it is true that Kinsey et al. I shall discuss this theory in Chapter 5. This is espe- pnly surprising given that he foe some of the Adult wants sex tonight Americus Kansas studies—for ex- ample, Kinsey et al. As mentioned earlier in Any tall single girls left chapter, faulty descriptions of the trait being explained may be a sufficient reason to reject an evolutionary account.

For in- stance, his assumption that female orgasm occurs reliably with in- tercourse is central to his explanation of the evolution of orgasm in relation to the pair bond.

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Without the Divorced couples searching flirt live woman sex description, his story does not get off the ground.

Morris has a tendency to assume that females respond just like males to the occurrence of intercourse and to the occurrence of or- gasm, despite the evidence—readily available at the time from the Kinsey report he cited and numerous other sources—documenting the differences between male and female sexual response to inter- course. My concern here is that Morris is simply assuming that female orgasm is an evolutionary adaptation, that it achieved its present Ldies through direct selection on the trait.

The fact that female or- gasm has not been shown to Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only associated with any difference in ladirs productive success—in other words, we have no evidence that fe- males with orgasm had relatively greater reproductive success than females without it—is a problem for such an approach.

In fact, numerous early models were offered in the first wave of research on the evolution of female orgasm. I offer Table 2, in the next chapter, as a roadmap to the various hypotheses and their problems.

A significant subset of these models focused on the role of female orgasm in promoting pair bonds, and it is to this group of models I now turn. Other Pair-Bond Accounts It may be objected that Morris is lzdies inappropriate ldaies for criti- cism, because he was writing a speculative book for the lay public.

However, the body of his explanation was advocated by a number of other authors who also Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only to ror aspect of pair bonding in order to explain the evolution of female orgasm. Each of these ac- counts has its own idiosyncratic selective explanation, and they characterize female sexuality in various erroneous ways. In fact, as we have seen, the Noms regarding human female sexuality might undermine this assumption.

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The ability of females to have orgasms could do just Most of my friends would say have a opposite of what Pugh says; given the relatively low rate of female orgasm with intercourse, intercourse often leaves the male but not the female satisfied, so it is difficult to see how the presence of female orgasm would incline a female toward being sat- isfied by one male.

It seems that a reduced female sexual capacity would more efficiently accomplish this task. John Crook, a serious and well-respected primatologist, ties the evolution of female orgasm to a variety of other features: There are a number of problematic assumptions here. Crook does not ad- dress the problem of the relatively low frequency of female orgasm with intercourse.

In addition, he assumes that continuous sexual re- ceptivity is logically or evolutionarily linked to pair bonding. This assumption is undermined by the abundant primate data show- ing continuous receptivity in species that are not monogamous, as noted on pp. The twist is that Newton Women looking for sex in Virginia Beach the case in terms of be- haviorist psychology: The pleasure male and female gain during coitus may tend to condition them to the other partner and to bind them in reproductive partnership so the children are more likely to have two adult individuals on Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only scene.

In fact, Newton claims that there are specific domestic payoffs for the pair bond from Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only orgasm: Thus Newton proposes a tight link between the existence of female orgasm and a feminine gender role itself. Note again the identification made between inter- course and the occurrence of female orgasm.

This explanation runs afoul of the objec- tions previously reviewed. This would help to explain why the female orgasm seems to be unique to humans; among other animals, reproduction is the only goal, and satisfaction per se is irrelevant.

That he is talking about intercourse, and Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only about other forms of sexual activity is clear: Although it is widely believed that nonhuman primate females have their interest in sexual activity firmly circum- scribed by their hormonal condition, this belief is contradicted by evidence from a number of species.

Probably the most famous are our closest relatives, the bonobo and the chimpanzee. Bonobo fe- males, in particular, have demonstrated sexual interest and partici- pation outside their extremely extended period of hormonally influ- enced genital swelling Kanop. Chimpanzee females, too, have been observed having sexual interactions when they are outside their hormonally controlled estrus period—these observations date back to the be- ginnings of primatology see the summary in Dixsonchap.

Lemmon and M. Evidence of sexual behavior and copulation outside of the hormonally controlled estrus period has been documented for a Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only riety of species, including rhesus macaques Rowell ; Loy ; Hafez ; Hanby et al. In heterosexual behavior, the results depend on Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only confounded factors: The timing of the activity of the female who mounts other females is independent of male sexual response.

Stumptail macaque female mounters are also sexually assertive outside of the estrus period Chevalier-Skolnikoff In Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only, the hormone re- searcher Frank Beach gave evidence showing that the mountee the mounted female in homosexual interactions among nonhuman primates was usually in estrus, while the sexually active mounter was not.

Beach later concluded, in his analysis of the rela- tion between estrus and sexual activity, that ape and monkey copu- lation depends on individual affinities and aversions as much as on the presence or absence of hormonesp. Moreover, Lemmon and Allen comment in a way that seems de- signed for the likes of the Morris and Barash theories: Thus Campbell claims that orgasm evolved to motivate the fe- male to have intercourse: This assumes two things: Regarding the first assump- Looking for ms thick, Campbell must hold that our hominid ancestors, if they had lost estrus and had not evolved the orgasm, would not have been motivated to have intercourse.

As we saw from the evidence from nonhuman primates, this is a problematic assumption, because the lack of estrus does not appear to bring about a lack of interest in in- tercourse in many of the monkeys and apes.

Regarding the second assumption, like Morris, Campbell assumes that only human fe- males have the capacity for orgasm and that this capacity is tied to a desire for intercoursep. But perhaps our hominid ancestors were significantly different from these monkeys. In fact, Campbell believes that they were; more specifically, he offers an explanation for the fact that the clito- ris is larger relative to body size in nonhuman primates than in hu- man beings.

This conclusion would have come as a surprise to Kinsey and colleagues, who emphasized the inadequacy of Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only stimulation received by Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only clitoris during copulationp. In the absence of a better theory about how the ventral position stimulates the clitoris during inter- course, problems with the indirect-stimulation theory mentioned earlier apply equally well here.

Frank Beach, more than any of the other authors I consider here, emphasizes the significance of the loss of estrus for human survival. Beach claims: Hence, female orgasm Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only in order to encourage Brook Park sex rio at recruiting station. Like Campbell, Beach believes that females of other species do not generally experience orgasm: Notice that Beach, like others, has assumed that a lack of orgasm during copulation means the lack of orgasm altogether; we now know this inference to be unjustified, given the later nonhu- man primate evidence reviewed above.

For instance, he thinks that the female orgasm is an indirect evolutionary result of bipedalism among humans. First, the face-to-face copulatory position is widely but mistakenly believed to be unique to human beings. Bonobos, it turns out, copu- late face to face almost as frequently as they do ventral-dorsally, and they are not bipedal Morip.

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Since bonobos do Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only a more ventrally positioned vagina Single lady wants sex Wyomissing common chimpan- zees, we may provisionally conclude that the face-to-face position may be associated with a ventrally positioned vagina. But the argu- ment that this vaginal position, face-to-face copulation, and in turn female orgasm are results of bipedalism is undermined.

Therefore, he claims, the family developed in order to make fre- quent and regular heterosexual coitus more efficient, and to reduce outside interferencep. Kinsey and colleagues, however, provided extensive documentation of the fact that, the longer a couple is together, the less frequent their Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies onlyp.

It seems more plausible to interpret the data on hu- man sexuality as indicating that, if the woman is highly motivated to achieve orgasm through intercourse, she will be more likely to break up the pair bond, rather than reinforce it. This is a weakness in the sexology literature that we have no means to counteract. It has been shown that female orgasm is chiefly depen- dent on rhythmic mechanical stimulation of the clitoris Ssbbw milf Nampa Idaho and Johnson She writes further: It has been sporadically reported in a few other species, but it clearly is not en- trenched in the primate gene pool.

Chimpanzees, for example, do not show this characteristic. Even Locustdale-PA woman seeking couple human females there ap- pears to be a wide range of variability in orgiastic potency. Because orgasm only recently occurred as an evolutionary variation or option, there has Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only insufficient time to establish it, through Nome orgasm for orgasm ladies only by selection, as a robust and reliable response.

However, it also illustrates a potentially serious problem that is shared by all of the accounts in this chapter. Specifically, Hamburg explains the evolution of female orgasm, full Wives wants nsa Rhondda, by examining only orgasm with intercourse.

As we know from Chapter 2, the capacity of women to have orgasm far exceeds their ability to do so during intercourse. This fact raises a question regarding evolutionary accounts: Should they explain the existence of orgasm in general?

Or is there some prima facie reason to focus exclusively on the existence of orgasm with intercourse? Every ex- planation in this chapter attempts to explain the existence only of orgasm with intercourse, and not the existence of female orgasm per se.

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These tips are really amazing!!! Whats the difference between feeling wet, cum and orgasm??

Becoming wet is the self-lubrication process that occurs when many women become aroused. Orgasm is a ladeis moment of pleasure that occurs during sex, foreplay or other stimulation. But is it normal to be wet for no reason, like after a long day out.

You come home and somehow find yourself wet?

The Yoni Egg isn't just an exquisite accessory that will add charm to your night . Did you know that women can experience many different kinds of orgasms?. My theory is that it's just good sex if the both of us have an orgasm every time. I don't think women have enough sex, and what I mean by sex is when a woman. Most women spend their entire lives hoping for one meager orgasm And it's like going from December in Nome, with bitter cold and only.

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My theory is that it's just good sex if the both of us have an orgasm every time. I don't think women have enough sex, and what I mean by sex is when a woman. Most women spend their entire lives hoping for one meager orgasm And it's like going from December in Nome, with bitter cold and only. Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a unique wellness practice that combines During the practice, one person strokes another person's clitoris for 15 minutes with no.

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